Many people think that building muscle is like giving up life outside of the gym and spending hours in the gym like a monk in a monastery. Perhaps the only way to sculpt the body into a hot muscular physique is to work hard hour by hour on rusty iron day after day and year after year.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Even though hard work is really necessary, extreme physical condition forces you to be a slave to iron weights. Full body workouts can progress and fit easily into your schedule. This comes in handy if you want to achieve extreme fitness, but find it difficult to maintain a single workout routine.

Authentic full body workouts performed by athletes with a goal in mind create maximum muscle contraction using heavy weights, make room for full recovery so you can really grow and keep training hard, in addition to avoiding the inevitable exhaustion due to overtraining.

So if you’re ready for extreme fitness, here’s everything you need to know about full body training:

Full body training saves time.Probably the biggest benefit of having your whole body trained at once is having to go to the gym less often; maybe about two or three times every seven days would be enough.

Another advantage of training the whole body at the same time is that you do not have to spend two or more hours of intense exercise in the gym for each session; you only spend an hour in the gym for each session. So that’s just three or four hours a week at the gym, right? With full body workouts, it all comes down to the quality of exercise you do per session, not the amount or even the time allotted per session.

Full body workout strengthens the cardiovascular system for extreme fitness. Two to four sets should be assigned to each body part during a one-hour session. Packed full of exercises, each hour-long session then gets the heart and the rest of the cardiovascular system pumping and revving up in a flash.

Now that you’re feeling energized, learn the rules you should follow when engaging in comprehensive workouts:

Training only starts once every two or three days.It’s as simple as that, right? The great thing about this is that there is time saved on rest days so you can indulge in a few cardio workouts instead of depending on the cardio workouts you normally do at the end of each workout. training which, after all, are not. not very efficient at all.

Lifting heavy loads is strongly recommended. Contrary to popular belief, especially among athletes. It’s not true that it’s good to train lightly rather than saving energy for other body parts that will come later in the routine. What is true is that optimal progress cannot be achieved without intensive training, regardless of the program that person follows.

Only one exercise per muscle group.It’s very easy to follow and that’s also important. Doing core exercises that are equally intense means you don’t have to do another different exercise for that body part.

Keep the training short. Resistance training affects the body’s natural men related to building muscle. Intense exercise increases testosterone levels and long workouts increase catabolic cortisol levels. Sixty minutes of training gives you the best of both worlds.

Now, with this comfortable and powerful training program, you can now truly experience extreme fitness.