Are you searching for a reputed rental accommodation in Dubai? Do not book a room in luxury hotels and pay through your nose.Even though hotels and lodges in Dubai offer best services, they follow the laws of the land strictly.

You are not allowed to come late night or drink liquors inside the room. If you are found drinking alcohol the hotel authorities will take strict actions against you.

Holiday homes Dubai

On the other hand, the Vacation rental apartments in Dubai offer that flexibility. You can enjoy your days thoroughly and feel relaxed round the clock when you choose to stay in one of the reputed Stay holiday homes

The accommodation facilities offered by leading vocational rental apartments are one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three- bedroom. You can expect superb service from the room service executives, ground staffs and housekeeping staffs.

You can utilize the services of maids for cleaning your vessels, clothes and cooking. Your rooms will sparkle with beauty since the housekeeping staffs will clean them regularly. You can park your own or rented cars inside free parking space at any point in time. You can gain access to fitness rooms and do exercise for hours. You can keep jewels and cash inside the safety lock that comes free of cost.