Sudden onset of pain in the lower back or knee could be due to arthritic problem. You must undergo comprehensive health checkup at reputed ayurveda treatment in dubai. The physicians will examine your medical reports and suggest treatments like panchakarma or pizhichal.

You will start recovering from body and knee pain as soon as you undergo oil massage at ayurveda treatment in dubai. Treatment methods and plans depends upon the health condition of patients. If you are planning to undergo oil massage in reputed ayurvedic treatment center, you must first explore the reviews, ratings, feedbacks and testimonials thoroughly.

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Unlike traditional country medicines, Ayurveda is a safe and time-tested treatment method which dates back to 5000 years. The extracts of herbs, flowers, seeds, stem and fruit is used in Ayurvedic oils. You can apply liberally on your body without worrying about side-effects since the contents are free from chemicals acupuncture clinic Dubai.

Ayurvedic treatments cures arthritis completely. You must follow the drugs and medicines prescribed by the treatment doctor for quick recovery. The treatment depends on the severity of the case. You must follow proper diets and eating habits. You must stop eating foods rich in oil, fat, salt and spice.