Regular intake of over-the-counter or prescription pain relief medicines can cause side-effects like nausea, headache, anxiety and stress in the long run. You must stop using such chemical-rich pain relief drugs and start using ayurvedic medicines.

The natural herbal oils in reputed ayurvedic centres in dubai are free from toxic chemicals and dangerous substances. You can liberally apply the herbal aromatic pain relief oils prescribed by certified ayurvedic physicians for longer period without worrying about side-effects.

The ayurvedic oils reduce stress, anxiety, and severe pain to a great extent. The masseur will mix varieties of herbal oils and gently massage on your body. It soothes your whole body and de-stresses your mind.  You can download the latest list of ayurvedic centres in dubai and choose the clinic which is close to your living place.

The Ayurvedic physicians will suggest best abhyangam massage after scrutinizing your health records and medical history. If you are suffering from diseases like diabetes, hypertension, stress, mental illness and body pain, you must schedule a visit to nearby ayurvedic center and undergo massage treatment through trained masseurs physiotherapy treatment in dubai.

Herbal oils used in branded ayurvedic clinic have medicinal and healing properties. You must apply the herbal oils all over the body and allow the oils to settle for few minutes before taking a bath.