Directorate of Town and Country Planning (DTCP) is a local body which is involved in town planning. It is also the governing body that regulates, monitors and supervisors land and building. The builders and plot promoters should get approval from the DTCP before constructing the properties.

DTCP authorities will inspect the land before giving permission. DTCP approved plots are built according to the rules and regulations stipulated by the governing authorities. You can sell DTCP approved plots quickly and make profits out of it. There is always huge demand for DTCP approved plots in the city of Kumbakonam.

For example, the market prices of Majestic Avenue InKumbakonam have doubled in the recent months. The reason being the plots are built according to the rules and regulations stipulated by DTCP. The Majestic Avenue InKumbakonam is close to ancient temples, railway stations, bus stand and auto stand.

Plots in Kumbakonam

 Listed below are some of the benefits of buying DTCP approved plots.

  • The plots are constructed legally according to the prescribed laws and regulations.
  • NRI real estate prefer buying DTCP approved plots
  • Reselling and mortgaging DTCP approved plots is easier compared to non-approved plots.
  • Buyers can construct individual homes, bungalows, apartments and flats according to their desires.
  • DTCP approved plots are dispute free properties.
  • DTCP authorities inspect the properties at regular intervals.
  • Buying and selling of DTCP properties takes place hassle-free.